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Kevin M.
Providence, RI

After adopting our son, we decided to have a Family Union Celebration. Between the adoption process and being the parents of a two and a half year old, we were not, what I would call, abundant in cogent thoughts. We knew we wanted to have a party, to see all of our friends / family, and we wanted an uplifted space.


Tida took stock of us, and provided a structured, thoughtful approach to our needs. She really listened during our initial meetings...taking the ramblings of the sleep deprived and developing an actionable plan.


During the site visit to our event space, she took photos and measurements, getting to know the space...both its advantages and its short-comings. Leveraging her architecture background, Tida provided us with to-scale drawings of the space and mock-ups of the installation. It was legit amazing.


Tida went above and beyond for nearly every aspect our event. She transformed our event space with beautifully crafted arrangements along with lighting and decorations. There were craft tables with snacks for the kiddos in attendance. She collaborated with the bartender and audio folks. She thought of everything.


The long and the short of it is that Tida was deeply professional, mindful of the space, and moreover, tremendously kind. It simply would not have been the same event without her efforts.


What are you waiting for with this tremendously talented human for all of your events!


Katie F.
Lancaster, PA

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when trying to find a florist? Because, I absolutely did!


I messaged Tida for help answering the questions of florists. She could have just responded with a quick response, but instead she responded with full floral plan based on what she knew about me, my husband, and our venue that I could share with local florists.


The plan was perfect, right down to floral collars for the flower pups. Do I live in RI? No. Was it absolutely worth it to pay the extra expense and hire an out-of-state florist for my wedding? Heck yeah! She even made my floral chandeliers dream a reality -- impressing not only myself but my guests, the venue, and other vendors.


My husband and I have since returned to her multiple times for Christmas presents. Honestly, if I could hire Tida to redecorate my entire house I would. She is creative, fun, intuitive, artistic, inspiring, genuine, and incredibly amazing to work with!


Amanda T.
Providence, RI

Working with Tida for my wedding florals was an absolute delight. Tida did a wonderful job in listening to my ideas and helping to grow them into a functional and stylish plan.


Tida was conscious of my budget and squeezed us in on an already busy weekend for her. Her work is thoughtful and gorgeous. She delivered the florals on-time, safely packaged with instructions on care. Her inclusion of stylish tags and decorative boxes was an added plus. Tida also let us rent vases, votives and other baubles to help our visions come to life.


I would strongly recommend Tida for floristry design or event design.


Tanya W.
Wakefield, RI

My husband and I cannot rave about Tida enough! Of all our wedding vendors, she was the magical thread that pulled everything together. Her organization and communication were top-notch, but it was her artistic design and ability to see our vision that completely blew us away.


Tida was an absolute gem to work with and provided valuable expertise in all aspects of our planning. She not only recommended an outstanding photographer, whose work was brilliant, but also helped us in selecting the perfect botanical garden venue, making the process effortless. Her mastery of small details, like suggesting cream-colored napkins instead of white, significantly impacted our photos and overall aesthetics.


We had some pretty specific requests for Tida too. We wanted centerpieces with living plants so parts of our florals could be taken home and live on with our guests. Her ability to enhance the natural beauty of the garden was astonishing. She assembled simple, yet elegant centerpieces to balance the already stunning dining room, ensuring that our guests could take home a piece of our special day.


We also wanted several custom pieces such as a hairpiece for myself, and a mix of bouquets, corsages, and boutonnières, as well as many furniture-specific/decorative arrangements. Every piece was so meticulously thought out, and the flowers held up beautifully even in the heat of our greenhouse venue. Many of the pieces have also been dehydrated and have preserved very nicely.


We would not hesitate to recommend Tida for her aesthetic and vision. We are filled with gratitude for her. Our wedding was not only picture-perfect but quite literally a magical experience that we will never forget. Having her on our team was the best decision we could have made, transforming what could have been the most stressful day into an easy-going experience. Thank you, Tida, for making our dream wedding a reality! And when we plan our 10-year vow renewal, you will be the first person we call!

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